Men's Jawline Sculpting | Kybella Injections
🧔🏻Ah…the illustrious jawline. A symbol of masculinity and 💪🏾 strength— but why do all the movie and 👨🏼‍🎤 rock stars have one and you don’t? IF IT ISN’T GENETICS, THEY💰PAID FOR IT. The secret weapon? KYBELLA. 💉

Defined jawlines are a symbol of 🤵🏾poise and 🤴🏻power. Let’s face it, when you’re proud of your jawline, you hold your head up high and exude 😎 confidence. In reality, double chins plague men of all ages, no matter how fit and healthy you are, and most times genetics are to blame. No man wants a sloppy profile— who doesn’t want to look good from all angles? 📚Studies show a link between a man’s perceived appeal and the angle of his jaw. 😮

Today’s modern man understands that looks can carry them far into their career and are constantly aware of their social profile. Men (and women) are working longer in their lifetime 👮🏼‍♂️👨🏽‍⚕️👨🏻‍🔬and they want to look professionally desirable for their age group. Those 👔 button-ups and double Windsors tend to highlight any bulk and saggy skin in the area.

💉What is Kybella? It is the only FDA approved, permanent procedure that will rid you of your double chin. Downtime? A few days of swelling, about 3-4. Results will begin to show at week 5/6 and the procedure is repeated again until desired results are achieved. 🤳🏾 Want to 🚀amp things up even more? Add a thick HA filler along the jawline or accompany with a TruSculpt 3D treatment to really make it pop.🤩

Simply put, there is an innate attraction (👫 👬) to men with strong facial features. Whether it be a professional or personal reason for doing Kybella, getting a streamlined and sculpted profile is attainable, even if you weren’t born with it!🕺🏻

Cassie Wind, RN, BSN, CANS